4th Worldwide Conference on

Infectious Diseases

  Feb 21-22, 2025

  Bangkok, Thailand


  Hybrid Event

E-poster Guidelines

  • An e-poster is an electronic version (power point) of a poster presentation.

  • The e-poster may include: texts, figures,charts, tables,images and art work but an e-poster digital presentation can include any audio, video or animation (8-10 seconds).

  • As an e-poster presenter you are asked to prepare a power point presentation upto a maximum 5 to 8 slides.

  • All poster display monitors will be set in landscape style orientation (i.e horizontal) and all information (i.e text, data, photos, and figures) must be designed to appear within one window in first slide as your poster will be viewed on either 24" desktop monitors or 42"-60" floor mounted monitors.

  • The exact font sizes that you should use for your poster will depend on the size dimensions that you used to set up the file.

  • Aim for no more than 700-800 words of text in your poster.

  • It is highly recommended that you use Arial or Calibri.

  • Use high contrast colors for lettering and do not place too much text on each page.

  • 1 or 2 Logos and company names are permitted.

  • Set the slide size of the page to "on screen show" and landscape orientation in the page set up section.

  • All e-poster presenters should submit an e-psoter through conference portal.

  • Each e-presenter will have 10 minutes to speak at online conference. If e-poster presenter is not available to present, it will be displayed during the conference.

  • *Note: E-poster registrations are not accepted to present at the conference. This is for online conference only.