4th Worldwide Conference on

Infectious Diseases

  Feb 21-22, 2025

  Bangkok, Thailand


  Hybrid Event

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I submit an abstract for Infectious Congress?
  • Abstracts are submitted online once the submission site is opened. , you can start the abstract submission
  • How can I get technical help with the abstract submission site?
  • For technical assistance with the abstract submission site, email infectiousdiseases@averconferences.com For assistance with abstract content or other questions about
  • Will I receive a confirmation email notifying me that my abstract submission was complete?
  • The sender for Infectious Congress related emails will be infectiousdiseases@averconferences.com; please add this address to your safe sender list so emails related to the conference are not sent to a spam file.
  • When and how will I be notified that my abstract has been accepted or declined?
  • Notification of abstract dispositions will be emailed to the presenting author and coauthors for whom accurate email addresses have been submitted. Be sure to submit complete and accurate email addresses. Please refer to the Important Dates section of the Abstract Guidelines page for disposition announcement dates.
  • Will the selection committee notify all authors, or only lead authors, concerning abstract dispositions?
  • An abstract disposition email will be sent to every coauthor for whom a current and accurate email address has been provided.
  • May I submit more than 1 abstract?
  • Yes, but do not submit multiple abstracts that describe the same data.
  • If I submit an abstract, must I deliver the oral or poster presentation, or may a coauthor present?
  • The person who submits the abstract is responsible for presenting it. Presenting authors are asked to name an alternate who can fill in and present the abstract in unusual circumstances if necessary. Alternate presenters must be listed as one of the abstract authors and must be registered and accepted for attendance before the registration closing date.
  • When and how will I be notified about the acceptance of a late-breaking abstract?
  • Please refer to the Important Dates section of the Abstract Guidelines page for disposition announcement dates.
  • How many authors may be listed on an abstract submission?
  • Up to 15 authors may be listed (no exceptions). Including a Research Team or Group: If your list of authors exceeds 15, or if you otherwise wish to credit a research team or group, please reserve one of the 15 (total) author spaces to list the name of the team or group.
  • Is it possible to list more than 1 affiliation for an author or a coauthor?
  • For each author, please list 1 primary institutional or organizational affiliation.
  • May I make changes to my abstract after it has been submitted?
  • Changes may be made up until the deadline for submissions.
  • May I withdraw an abstract after the submission deadline?
  • By submitting an abstract to Infectious Diseases conference, the author agrees to present the abstract for an oral or poster presentation, if accepted. A coauthor may be selected to present if circumstances prevent the submitting author from attending Infectious Diseases conference. In the unusual circumstance that authors find that the data or results are substantially different from their description in an accepted abstract, they may withdraw the abstract after consultation with the Scientific Program Committee. Please contact the Conference Organizer: infectiousdiseases@averconferences.com for more details.

  • Why was my abstract declined?

    Common reasons for declining an abstract include the following:

  • Subject matter is not appropriate for Infectious Diseases conference
  • Information is not new enough
  • Abstract duplicates other submissions
  • Format does not follow guidelines (eg, section[s] missing, more than 1 graphic, table, or figure submitted)
  • Submission is poorly written overall
  • Background does not summarize the hypothesis
  • Methodology is inadequate or insufficient to support conclusions
  • Controls are absent or inadequate
  • Statistical evaluation is absent or inadequate
  • Summary of essential results is absent or inadequate
  • Data are not included or offer inadequate/insufficient support for conclusions Submission reports clinical trial data from unplanned analysis or incomplete or ongoing studies
  • What is the copyright policy?
  • By submitting your abstract to the 3rd Online Conference on Infectious Diseases - Corona Virus (Infectious Diseases conference), you are transferring all copyright ownership of the abstract, including all rights incidental thereto, to the Infectious Diseases conference in the event that the abstract is accepted and published by the Infectious Diseases conference.
  • May I insert both a table and a figure?
  • Authors are limited to 1 table OR 1 figure.
  • Can I include a research team or group in my author list?
  • Yes, there are instructions on the abstract submission form for adding the name of a research team or group. Please DO NOT use that text box to enter the names of individual authors that exceed the allowed number of 15 authors.
  • How much time is allotted for oral presentations?
  • Oral presenters will be allocated 25 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers with the audience. If the presentation exceeds 25 minutes, the moderator will interrupt, and the Q&A period will be shortened.
  • How many slides are allowed?
  • Our experience indicates that up to 10 slides is optimal, allowing 1 minute per slide. You may choose to use more than 10 slides, but please be sure to complete your presentation within the allocated 10 minutes.
  • I had to abbreviate my title when I submitted my abstract; may I use the full title for my presentation slides?
  • Please use the same title for your presentation and slides as the title submitted with your abstract. Use a subtitle to add essential additional information.
  • When should I arrive for my presentation?
  • Please arrive at the assigned room at least 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled presentation time.
  • I have an unavoidable conflict and will be unable to present my abstract. What should I do?
  • Please ensure that the alternate presenter named in your abstract submission is available and prepared to make the presentation. Alternate presenters must be listed as a co-author on the abstract and must be registered and accepted for attendance at Infectious Diseases. If neither the presenting nor the alternate author is available, the abstract will have to be withdrawn.
  • What are the correct poster dimensions?
  • See Poster Presentation Guidelines.
  • When may I set up my poster?
  • See Poster Presentation Guidelines.
  • Registration
  • How do I know if I am eligible to attend?
  • You will find registration details, including a description of who can attend, on the 3rd Online Conference on Infectious Diseases - Corona Virus conference website.

  • Can I receive the early rate if I submit my applications prior to the fee increase deadline?
  • For preapproved authors on accepted abstracts, you would have to complete the registration and housing process by the fee increase deadline.
  • For General Applicants, you would have to 1) submit your application, 2) be approved to register (the review process typically takes 1-2 days) and 3) complete the registration and housing process by the fee increase deadline. General Applicants are advised to plan accordingly for the review period and ensure that applications are complete.
  • I am an author on an accepted abstract. Am I required to pay the registration fee?
  • Unless they have received a scholarship, authors of accepted abstracts are required to pay the registration fee to attend.
  • May I pay by check or wire transfer?
  • Payment by a credit card (AMEX, MC, or VISA) is preferred and is the easiest and quickest way to complete the registration process.
  • Once your application is approved and you log back into your record to complete the registration and housing process, you may select Check or Wire Transfer as your payment option. The below instructions will be displayed on the page
  • Is the registration fee be waived?
  • Registration fee is not waived. Everyone should pay the fee to attend the conference
  • What does the registration fee cover?
  • The registration fee covers access to all conference sessions, morning continental breakfast and afternoon snack, electronic Abstract eBook, and other meeting materials.